Three-Quarters Search with python

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    class Solution(object):
        def searchMatrix(self, matrix, target):
            return,target,0,len(matrix)-1,0,len(matrix[0])-1) if len(matrix)>0 and len(matrix[0]) else False
        def search(self,matrix,target,r1,r2,c1,c2):
            if matrix[rm][cm]==target:return True
            if matrix[rm][cm]>target:
                return (,target,r1,rm-1,c1,c2) if rm-1>=r1 else False) or (,target,rm,r2,c1,cm-1) if cm-1>=c1 else False)
                return (,target,r1,rm,cm+1,c2) if cm+1<=c2 else False) or (,target,rm+1,r2,c1,c2) if rm+1<=r2 else False)

    Each recursion,we filter One-Quarter part of all, so Tn=log_3/4(m*n)

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