C++ easy understanding using bit manipulation

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    The only tricky point about my code is the idx. That integer value is used to record an index which shows that n and m has the same bit from the highest bit to the idx bit.

    For example: m=10, n=11, after the while loop, the idx would be 1. Since 10=1010, 11=1011, the idx shows that 10 and 11 both begin with '101'.

        int rangeBitwiseAnd(int m, int n) {
        	int i=0,j=0,idx=0,x=n;
        	while(m>0 && n>0){
                    if((n&1)!=(m&1)) idx=i;
        		n = n>>1;
        		m = m>>1;
        	if(n!=0)  return 0;
        	return (x>>idx)<<idx;

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