s1="eat",s2="aet",then s2 is a scrambled string of s1?WHY?

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    I mean, after reading the description, I think that if s1="eat", then s1 has 4 scrambled strings,that is "eat","eta","ate","tae". But when I set s1="eat",s2="aet" or "tea", the espected answer is "TRUE" rather than "FALSE".WHY? The description does't demenstrate well!!!

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    @coolkilling eat can be as:

               /      \
           ea          t
         /    \
       e     a

    When you switch e an a, then you have aet String.

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    I get the same problem, and the result shows that we may have more than 1 way to generate the tree.
    when len(s) % 2 == 1 like 'eat', it's child can either be ('ea', 't') or ('e', 'at').

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