Help!!! Why my solution got StackOverflowError??

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    public class Solution {
        HashMap<RandomListNode,RandomListNode> hm = new HashMap<RandomListNode,RandomListNode>();
        public RandomListNode copyRandomList(RandomListNode head) {
            if(head == null) return head;     
            RandomListNode cur = copyNode(head);
            return cur;
        private RandomListNode copyNode(RandomListNode head){
            if(head == null) return null;
            if(hm.containsKey(head)) return hm.get(head);
            RandomListNode n = new RandomListNode(head.label);
   = copyNode(;
            n.random = copyNode(head.random);
            return n;

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    You may forget the case of rotated list. Originally I forgot this case either.

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