My Recursive C++ Solution

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    class Solution {
        vector<vector<int>> verticalOrder(TreeNode* root) {
            // m maps from column to another map, which in turn maps row to all node values in that row and that column. These node values are ordered from left to right due to the usage of in-order tree traversal
            map< int, map<int, vector<int> > > m;
            vector<vector<int> > ret;
            inOrderTraverse (root, 1,1, m);
            for (auto e1: m){
                ret.push_back (vector<int>(0));
                for (auto e2: e1.second)                
            return ret;
        void inOrderTraverse (TreeNode* root, int column,int row, std::map<int,map<int, vector<int> > > & m)
            if (root == nullptr) return;
            inOrderTraverse (root->left, column-1, row+1, m);        
            inOrderTraverse (root->right, column+1, row+1, m);

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