Question about a test case

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    Hey guys, I got stuck by a test case:


    My output is [1,37,99]
    But the expected answer is [1,5,37,99]

    Both solution have the same cost because arr[5] == 0, and [1,37,99] is lexicographic smaller than [1,5,37,99].

    Can someone explain why the expected answer is [1,5,37,99]? Thanks!

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    Okay... I mis-understood the definition of the lexicographically smaller.

    Path Pa1, Pa2, ..., Pan is lexicographically smaller than Pb1, Pb2, ..., Pbm, if and only if at the first i where Pai and Pbi differ, Pai < Pbi; when no such i exists, then n < m.

    Can someone help me delete this post? Thanks

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