Python easy understand solution

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    def findDuplicateSubtrees(self, root):
            def trv(root):
                if not root: return "null"
                struct = "%s,%s,%s" % (str(root.val), trv(root.left), trv(root.right))
                return struct
            nodes = collections.defaultdict(list)
            return [nodes[struct][0] for struct in nodes if len(nodes[struct]) > 1]

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    Thanks for sharing. Can you please add some explanation.

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    I used a preorder traversal and each traversal funciton trv wil return the the values of subtree. Then I saved the the subtree as a key in the hashmap nodes. Finally I returned the first node for every key in the nodes if there are at least 2 values.

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    Why preorder will be sufficient to represent a unique tree structure? Theoretically, preorder is only sufficient to reconstruct a BST, but not a general binary tree.

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    You can do it in any order.
    If a node is None, it will also be noted. So it does work for a general binary tree.

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    People in another thread has found out it won't work for in-order.

    And documenting the None node doesn't mean it can uniquely represent a general tree structure IMHO. (I feel like it works, but not convinced yet.)

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    Yes in-order doesn't work as it mentioned in another thread.
    However pre-oder works. When you construct the tree in pre-order, you know exactly where you start --- root. Then you will go to current node's children unless you meet two "null". As you can see, the tree constructed is unique.

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