C++ code with detailed explanation

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    class Solution {
        //Our compare function to make sure the pairs is in ascending order
        static bool compare(vector<int>& a, vector<int>&b) {
            return a[1] < b[1];
        int findLongestChain(vector<vector<int>>& pairs) {
            //Sort the pairs by the second element in the pair
            //Because the chain is based on (a,b)->(c,d) if and only if b<c, so the smallest
            //one in the chain always start with the smallest "b", which is the second element
            //in the pair
            sort(pairs.begin(), pairs.end(), compare);
            //Count the length of chain
            int count = 0;
            for (int i = 0, j = 0; j < pairs.size(); j++) {
                //If it is the first time, we increase the count to 1
                //If for the two pairs (a,b)->(c,d), b is smaller than c, then we find it
                //After increase the count, we make i equal to j because we need to maintain
                //the chain's property, make sure the second smallest one in the chain and 
                //the following third smallest one in the chain in the chain fulfill
                //the property (a,b)->(c,d) if and only if b<c
                if (j == 0 || pairs[i][1] < pairs[j][0]) {
                    i = j;
            return count;

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