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    import java.util.Hashtable;
    public class Solution {
        public int lengthOfLongestSubstring(String s) {
           Hashtable hash=new Hashtable();
           int length=s.length();
           int max=0;
           int availablefrom=0;
           for(int i=0;i<length;i++){
        		   int last=(Integer) hash.get(s.charAt(i));
        		   availablefrom=Math.max(availablefrom, last+1);
        	   max=Math.max(max, i-availablefrom+1);
           return max;

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    This post is deleted!

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    could u please explain the basic idea of it? thanks

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    hashtable: key = character, value = that character's largest occurrence index

    int last = the largest index where has the same character (before current index i)

    int available-from = the next index from where latest duplication ends (before current index i)

    then the possible substring is located between available-from and i

    update max if needed
    and update hashtable

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