Some test cases violate a naive assumption: food should appear in screen

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    In real Snake Game, the food should always appear inside the boundary (or said shown in screen); unfortunately, some test cases violate this naive assumption.

    SnakeGame(int width, int height, vector<pair<int, int>> food) {
        // ...
        n = height;
        m = width;
        int rfood = food;
        int flag = 0;
        // ...
    int move(string direction) {
        // ...
        if (flag < rfood.size()) {
            int fr = rfood[flag].first;
            int fc = rfood[flag].second;
            assert(0 <= fr and fr < n and 0 <= fc and fc < m);
        // ...

    One of the test cases is in the shape of (width=100, height=30); however, one food appears at (58, 7).

    I would appreciate it if someone can kindly update the test cases.

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