Very Simple - Using Array and Bit

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    Using Array Indexing:

    public int[] findErrorNums(int[] nums) {
          int[] arr = new int[nums.length+1];
          int a=0,b=arr.length;       
          for(int i: nums) arr[i]++;
          for(int j=1;j<arr.length;j++){
              if(arr[j]==2) a=j;
              if(arr[j]==0) b=j;            
          return new int[]{a,b};

    Using Bit:

    public int[] findErrorNums(int[] nums) {
        BitSet bs = new BitSet(nums.length+1);
        int a=0;
        for(int i:nums){
              if(bs.get(i)) a=i;
        return new int[]{a,bs.nextClearBit(1)};

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    Just to help others:

    I came up with the same logic as yours, but whenever if found arr[j]==2 or arr[j]==0, I directly pushed them into the return array. This is why my code failed on tests cases like [2,2]. It is important to note that you just store the values in temp variables (a and b) and then construct the return array later.


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