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    Maximum Average Subarray I

    Sliding Window Algorithm

    • Initialize sum_so_far as sum of first k elements.
    • Initialize max_so_far to sum_so_far.
    • Now slide to the next window by including next element (say index j) and removing the first of the older window i.e. element at index j-k.
    • Time Complexity is O(N) and Space Complexity is O(1).
    class Solution:
        def findMaxAverage(self, nums, k):
            :type nums: List[int]
            :type k: int
            :rtype: float
            if len(nums) < k:
                return 0.0
            max_so_far = sum_so_far = sum(nums[:k])
            for i in range(k, len(nums)):
                sum_so_far = sum_so_far + nums[i] - nums[i-k]
                max_so_far = max(max_so_far, sum_so_far)
            return float(max_so_far)/k

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