C++ O(N) solution, well structured with extracted "addRight" method

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    Extract method addRight to make the code simpler.

    NOTE: You have to take advantage that the given inters are already sorted to achieve O(N) time.

        vector<Interval> insert(vector<Interval>& inters, Interval j) {
            vector<Interval> res;
            bool added = false;
            for (auto& i : inters) {
                if (!added and i.start > j.start) 
                    addRight(res, j), added = true;
                addRight(res, i);
            if (!added) addRight(res, j);
            return res;
        // Added right interval j to the sorted inters: O(1) time
        void addRight(vector<Interval>& inters, Interval j) {
            if (inters.empty() or inters.back().end < j.start) inters.push_back(j);
            else inters.back().end = max(inters.back().end, j.end);

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