Scala solution with continuous Stream

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    Idea is simple:

    • Have an infinite stream of integers that "zigzags" from 0 to num to 1 to num to 1 to num...
    • Zip them with each char in the string
    • Order the tuples based on the integer
    • Concat the list of chars
    def convert(s: String, numRows: Int): String = zigStream(numRows - 1).zip(s).sortBy(_._1).map(_._2).mkString
    def zigStream(zagLength: Int): Stream[Int] = Stream.continually((0 to zagLength) ++ (zagLength - 1 to 1 by -1)).flatten

    Something weird about the compiler and keeps saying Compile time exceeded with a base test case, so I'm inclined to believe there's something wrong with Leetcode.

    Solution is simple enough to test it out in REPL

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