C++ well structured class (extracted list2Stack and uncompressFirstInteger)

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    This is the popular stack solution that many have posted here. I think we should extract those two private methods to make the class more readable.

    class NestedIterator {
        stack<NestedInteger> _s;
        void list2Stack(vector<NestedInteger> &list) {
            for (int i = list.size()-1; i >= 0; --i) _s.push(list[i]);
        void uncompressFirstInteger() {
            while (!_s.empty()) {
                auto t = _s.top();
                if (t.isInteger()) return;
                else _s.pop(), list2Stack(t.getList());
        NestedIterator(vector<NestedInteger> &list) {
        int next() {
            int res = _s.empty()? INT_MIN : _s.top().getInteger();
            _s.pop(), uncompressFirstInteger();
            return res;
        bool hasNext() {
            return !_s.empty();

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