Compile Error on swift

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    My code work on Xcode, but it doesn't work at here, would someone tell me what is the problem of my code. thanks a lot, below is my code:

    class Solution {
        func twoAdd(_ nums: [Int], _ target: Int) -> [Int]{
            var indict = [Int]()
            for num in nums{
                let complement = target - num
                var firstIndex = 0
                var secondIndex = 0
                if let index = nums.index(of: num){
                    firstIndex = index
                for n in nums[firstIndex + 1 ..< nums.count]{
                    //get the complement, retrieve the index of the complement
                    if n == complement{
                        if let index = nums.index(of: n){
                            secondIndex = index
                        //add the element to the indict and exit the loop
                        return indict
            return indict

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