A TLE C solution, but I think it sholud be correct. Who knows what's wrong?

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     * Definition for singly-linked list.
     * struct ListNode {
     *     int val;
     *     struct ListNode *next;
     * };
    static void load_p1p2(struct ListNode *head, struct ListNode **p1, struct ListNode **p2)
        *p1 = head->next;
            *p1 = (*p1)->next;
        *p2 = (*p1)->next;
    void reorderList(struct ListNode *head) {
        if(head && head->next && head->next->next)
            struct ListNode *phead = head,*p1,*p2;
                load_p1p2(phead, &p1, &p2);
                p2->next = phead->next;
                phead->next = p2;
                phead = p2->next;
            }while(phead->next && phead->next != p1);
        return head;

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    Let Consider length of list=N. Then your solution is O (N x N). You can do it in O (N) using extra memory of Order(N x Size of one Node). You can do it even without using extra memory.

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