[Short] 5 lines C++ using static map

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        vector<int> lexicalOrder(int n) {
            static map<string, int>m;
            if(n > m.size()) for(int i = m.size() + 1; i < n + 1; i++) m[to_string(i)] = i;
            for(auto x: m) if(x.second < n + 1) res.push_back(x.second);
            return res;

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    This is a elegant solution.
    Why do you make the map static? Could you explain?

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    @JoeAtWork A static map can maintain it's content through all test cases, so suppose the first input n = 5,000,000 (max size of input), you won't need to fill the map in the following TCs, you just read the data from static map.

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