Arithmetic Slices

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    Nice solutions. But apparently there are two #5 approaches.

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    Shout out to all these solutions!

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    Hi @kevinkeya, #5 is DP with an array and without an array to track the previously calculated slice counts. Without the array uses less memory, but this is not a significant enough change to warrant another approach number I suppose.

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    Great solutions!

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    Great solutions!Great explainations!

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    Good enough, but if can offer the python solution, it will be perfect!

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    def numberOfArithmeticSlices(self, A):
            :type A: List[int]
            :rtype: int
            p = 0
            q = 2
            lengthS = 0#length of arithmetic segment
            count = 0
            while q < len(A):
                diff1 = A[q] - A[p +1]
                diff2 = A[p+1] - A[p]
                prevQ = A[q-1]
                if diff2 == diff1 : #if arithmetic, find whole arithmetic segment
                    while(q < len(A) and diff1 == (A[q] - prevQ)):#while still arithmetic
                        prevQ = A[q]
                    lengthS = q - p
                    for i in range(1, lengthS - 1):
                        count += i
                    p = q
                else:#segment of 3 was not arithmetic, check next segment of 3
                q = p + 2
            return count

    My solution uses a window to scan 3 elements of the array. If these 3 are 'arithmetic', increase upper bound of this window to find all elements considered to be arithmetic together. If the next element breaks the chain, update p = q and restart scanning with the 3 element window.

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