Can the overridden methods in case of inheritance have different return type ?

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    Answer : By default we tend to say NO , overridden method in sub class should have same signature as that of in base class.

    But this is half correct , Correct answer is : Overridden method can have different return type only in case if they are returning the sub-type.

    Example :

    public class base {

    base show(){

    System.out.println("base class");

    return new base();


    public class sub extends base{

    sub show(){

    System.out.println("sub class");
    return new sub();


    public class Test{

    public static void main(String []args) {

        sub obj=new sub();

    In above example show() method return instance of that class , still its an overridden method.

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    Yes that is correct. An overriding method can also return a subtype of the type returned by the overridden method. This subtype is called a covariant return type.

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    When return type of a method in child class is not same as the base class method return type, then it is no more a overriding and compiler will complain it as a wrong. When compiler allows the subtype as return type then it is following SOLID principle.

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