Department Top Three Salaries

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    select *
    from (select a2.Name as Department,a1.Name as Employee,salary,
    row_number () over (partition by a2.Name order by salary desc) as rownum
    from Employee a1
    join Department a2 on a1.Id
    ) a
    where rownum<=3;

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    row_number() is not supported in MySQL, however we can use session variable to implement it:

    select as Department, as Employee,
    empl.salary as Salary
    @row_number := case
    when(@dep_id = DepartmentId) then @row_number+1 else 1 end as row_no,
    @dep_id:=DepartmentId as dep_id,
    from Employee, (select @row_number:=0, @dep_id:=0) as temp
    order by DepartmentId, salary DESC
    ) empl
    left join Department on empl.dep_id = Department.Id
    where empl.row_no <= 3

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