Python Solution with Explanation

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    I'm new to programming but this is what I got. The program works but I'm not sure what time and space complexity is. All I know is that this code is comprehensible to me. Each land is given 4 points and points are negated based on the presence of any land around it

    def island(matrix):
        count = 0
        for y in range(len(matrix)):
            for x in range(len(matrix[0])):
                if matrix[y][x]==1:
                    count += score1(y,x,matrix)
        return count
    def score1(y,x,matrix):
        '''land is a coordinate (y,x)'''
        negate = 0
        around = [(y-1,x), (y+1,x), (y,x-1), (y,x+1)]
        # [top, bottom, left, right]
        for (i,j) in around:
            if 0<=i<len(matrix) and 0<=j<len(matrix[0]) and matrix[i][j]:
                negate += 1
        return 4-negate

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    @Juan-the-Doggo said in Python Solution with Explanation:


    cool, did you konw the time and space complexity now?

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