HashTable + Single Linked List (java with explaination in comment)

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    public class LRUCache {
        class ListNode
            public int data;
            public int key;
            public ListNode next;
            public ListNode(int data,int key) {
                this.data = data;
                this.key = key;
        int size;
        ListNode head;
        ListNode tail;
        HashMap<Integer,ListNode> m;
        public LRUCache(int capacity) {
            head = new ListNode(-1,-1);
            m = new HashMap<>();
            size = capacity;
        public int get(int key) {
            int res = -1;
            if(m.containsKey(key)){//key contains
                ListNode beforeTar = m.get(key);//get the target node's parent
                res = beforeTar.next.data; //set the target node's val to res
                if(n!=head){//check if need to make the target node to first one
                    if(n.next==tail)//check if target node is tail
                        tail = n;//set tail to target node's parent
                    ListNode tmp = head.next;//save origin first node
                    m.put(tmp.key,n.next);//update previous first node parent to target node
                    m.put(key,head);//update target node parent to head
                    if(n.next.next!=null)//if target node's next is not null, update target node's next's parent to target node's parent
                    head.next = n.next;//set target node as first node
                    n.next = n.next.next;//set target node's parent'next to target node's next .
                    head.next.next = tmp;//set cur first node's next to previous first node
            return res;
        public void put(int key, int value) {
                m.get(key).next.data = value;//update value
                get(key);//use get to make it goto first node
                if(m.size()==size){//remove tail in hashmap and update tail node
                    ListNode tailParent = m.get(tail.key);
                    tailParent.next = null;
                    tail = tailParent; 
                ListNode tmp = head.next;//cur first node saved in tmp
                head.next = new ListNode(value,key);//creat new node,let head.next point to it
                if(m.size()==0) tail = head.next;//if no element, initialize tail
                head.next.next = tmp;//new node.next point to previous first node
                m.put(key,head);//add new node key, and its parent is head
                if(tmp!=null)//if previous first node is not null, update its parent from head to new node

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