Simple Java algorithm

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    The idea is to avoid doing n^2 by sorting. Add an interval first and then for susequent intervals, merge together if those are overlapping and extend the end time. If a subsequent interval lies within the previous event just ignore that.

    public List<Interval> merge(List<Interval> intervals) {
               if(x.start!=y.start) {
                   return x.start-y.start;
               else {
                   return x.end-y.end;     
            List<Interval> list = new ArrayList<>();
            for(Interval current : intervals) {
                if(!list.isEmpty()) {
                    Interval last = list.get(list.size()-1);
                    if(current.start<=last.end) {//overlap.
                        if(current.end >last.end) {
                            last.end = current.end;                        
            return list;

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