Python O(mn) Time, O(n) space, pointer based solution,122ms, beats 98%

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    Record positions of how many characters in each word occurred.
    Use a map of lists from a-z to keep track of which words are waiting for what character.
    When a pointer moves to end of a word, compare with current maximum.

    class Solution(object):
        def findLongestWord(self, s, d):
            waiting = {}
            for c in 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz':
                waiting[c] = []
            for word in d:
                # add pointor to beginning of each word
                waiting[word[0]].append((word, 0))
            max_len = (0, "")
            for c in s:
                words = waiting[c]
                waiting[c] = [] # clean waiting words for that character
                for word, idx in words:
                    if idx+1 >= len(word):
                        # finished word
                        # use min and negative length to get maximum length then min word
                        max_len = min(max_len, (-len(word), word)) 
                        # move pointer to next word
                        next_c = word[idx+1]
                        waiting[next_c].append((word, idx+1))
            return max_len[1]

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