200ms python solution (DFS, 8 lines, straightforward)

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    glob_min = [999999999]
    def dfs(n, i):
        if n == 0:
            glob_min[0] = min(glob_min[0], i)
        for r in range(int(n**0.5), 0, -1):
            if i+1 < glob_min[0]:
                dfs(n%(r**2), i + n/(r**2))
    dfs(n, 0)
    return glob_min[0]

    Initially ran into TLE error because search space was too large. Then, came up with major efficiency improvement reducing size of search space greatly by using n%(r**2) and i + n/(r**2) rather than n-r**2 and i + 1. Note that i is the number of squares needed to reduce the original input number to n.

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