Simple iterative Java solution that beats 98%

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    The idea is to iterate left and right till you find the right node. I noticed that the order of the arguments may be anywhere from lower to higher and vice versa to added additional checks. Here is the code:

    public TreeNode lowestCommonAncestor(TreeNode root, TreeNode p, TreeNode q) {
            if(root==null || p==null || q==null) {
                return null;
            TreeNode lo = p.val>q.val?q:p;
            TreeNode hi = p.val>q.val?p:q;
            TreeNode node = root;
            while(!(node.val>=lo.val && node.val<=hi.val)) {
                while(node.val>hi.val) {
                    node = node.left;
                while(node.val<lo.val) {
                    node = node.right;
            return node;

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