C solution, hashtbl

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    int distributeCandies(int* candies, int candiesSize) {
    int hashTbl[200002] = {0};
    int totalKind= 0;
    int index;

    for (index = 0; index < candiesSize; index++)
    if (0 == (hashTbl[candies[index]+100000]))

    if (totalKind >= (candiesSize/2))
    index = candiesSize/2;
    index = totalKind;
    return index;

    actually , this case is judge that which one is smaller, the total kind of candies or the value of candiesSize/2, so the key is to find how many kind of candies.
    for C solution ,I used a large array to record the kind of candies, which just need O(n), but it takes a large memory,it's pretty ugly.
    so anybody can give a better solution with C? thanks.

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