Something goes wrong with my code!

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    class Solution {

    public:int PathHelper(vector<vector<int> > &grid,int x,int y,int sum) {

       if(x>grid[0].size()-1 || y>grid.size()-1)
        return INT_MAX;
        if(x==grid[0].size()-1 && y==grid.size()-1)
        return sum;
            return min(PathHelper(grid,x+1,y,sum),PathHelper(grid,x,y+1,sum));
    int minPathSum(vector<vector<int> > &grid) {
        return PathHelper(grid,0,0,0);


    I encounter vector subscript out of range problem but i can't figure out why it that.

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    Can you explain your code?
    I cannot understand about the

    return min(PathHelper(grid,x+1,y,sum),PathHelper(grid,x,y+1,sum));

    Above all , I don't think this problem can be solved by recursion .

    Because it will do a lot of same recursion.
    And will not pass the time limit.

    You can look up to the Climbing Stairs problem.

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