Multiple Inheritance Ambiguity

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    How multiple inheritance can cause ambiguity in few scenarios? Does java allows multiple inheritance? If yes, then how it is implemented?

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    Multiple inheritance can cause ambiguity in few scenarios. One of the most common scenario is Diamond problem.

    Consider the below diagram which shows multiple inheritance as Class D extends both Class B & C. Now lets assume we have a method in class A and class B & C overrides that method in their own way. Wait!! here the problem comes – Because D is extending both B & C so if D wants to use the same method which method would be called (the overridden method of B or the overridden method of C). Ambiguity.


    Multiple Inheritance can be achieved in java using interfaces.

    What is interface in java?

    Interface is a restricted form of a class can contains only static constants and abstract methods. It does not implement any methods, only methods declarations are allowed.


    public interface InterfaceExample {
        abstract public void interfaceMethod();

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