[DP] Clean C++ 3ms recursion with comments

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        bool wordBreak(string s, vector<string>& wordDict) {
            unordered_map<string,bool>dp; //Store the sub-result.
            int maxlen=0;  //Store the length of longest word for optimization.
            for(auto x:wordDict){
                if(x.size()>maxlen) maxlen=x.size();
            return find(s,m,maxlen,dp);
        bool find(string s, unordered_map<string,int>& m,int maxlen,unordered_map<string,bool>& dp){
            if(s.size()==0||m[s]>0) return true;
            if(dp.count(s)>0) return dp[s];
            bool b=false;
            for(int i=1;i<s.size()+1;i++){
                if(m[s.substr(0,i)]>0) b|=find(s.substr(i),m,maxlen,dp);
                if(b||i>maxlen) break; //if we find a 'combo' or length of substring is longer than maxlen, we stop searching.
            return b;

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