Concise 9 line C++ solution with explanation

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    A standard DP problem. The DP formula can be opt[i] = opt[i-1]+1+opt[i-2]+1 and handle some special cases. BTW, I believe the specs of this problem need to be refined. Because it didn't say how to handle '0'. It may be skipped or taken as invalid. For the "01" case, I originally think the answer should be 1, but it is 0, so I have to deduce the requirement.

    class Solution {
        int numDecodings(string s) 
            if(s.size()==0||s[0]=='0') return 0;
            vector<int> opt(s.size(),0);
            for(int i = 0;i<s.size();i++) {
                    opt[i] += i>=2?opt[i-2]:0+1;
            return opt[s.size()-1];

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    are you sure your code is accepted?At first ,O(n) space is not needed.second,in some cases like "70",I think we should return 0.forgive my poor English.

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