Another Python Solution

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    class Excel(object):
        def __init__(self, H,W):
            H, W = self.decodeCoord(H, W)
   = [[0] * (W + 1) for _ in range(H + 1)]
            self.formulas = {}
        def decodeCoord(self, r, c):
            return int(r) - 1, ord(c) - ord("A") + 1
        def set(self, r, c, v):
            r, c = self.decodeCoord(r, c)
            if (r, c) in self.formulas:
                del self.formulas[(r, c)]
  [r][c] = v
        def get(self, r, c):
            r, c = self.decodeCoord(r, c)
            if (r, c) in self.formulas:
                return self.computeFormula(self.formulas[(r, c)])
        def computeFormula(self, strs):
            ans = 0
            for s in strs:
                startI, startJ, endI, endJ = self.parseRange(s)
                for i in range(startI, endI + 1):
                    for j in range(startJ, endJ + 1):
                        if (i, j) in self.formulas:
                            ans += self.computeFormula(self.formulas[(i, j)])
                            ans +=[i][j]
            return ans
        def parseRange(self, s):
            start = end = s
            if ":" in s:
                start, end = s.split(":")
            startI, startJ = self.decodeCoord(start[1:], start[0])
            endI, endJ = self.decodeCoord(end[1:], end[0])
            return (startI, startJ, endI, endJ)
        def sum(self, r, c, strs):
            r, c = self.decodeCoord(r, c)
            self.formulas[(r, c)] = strs
            return self.computeFormula(strs)

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