Some suggestions of a C solution

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    Re: Very intuitive solution accepted as best in C
    Your solution is very simple and straight forward and I have learnt a lot about how to add two strings and deal with the carry problem. However, I found their are two bugs in your code which may cause some serious problems.

    • in function addString, when we add two numbers, the sum's length would be no greater than the length of the longer one plus 1. Additionally, t, a char array that denotes the sum must end with '\0', so the sum's length should be plus 1 again to guarantee t would end correctly. Finally, when using malloc, the line should be char *t = (char*)malloc(sizeof(char)*((len1 > len2 ? len1 : len2) + 2)).
    • memory has to be freeed after being used. So making t a global variable and freeing it before return in isAdditiveNumber should fix this.

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