Sometimes I feel like Python is almost cheating

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    With stuff like for else and no need to check for overflow, coding problems like this is so easy.

    def smallestFactorization(self, a):
        val = ''
        while a != 1:
            for i in range(9,1,-1):
                if not a%i:
                    a /= i
                    val += str(i)
                return 0
        val = int(val[::-1])
        return val if val <= 2**31 else 0

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    @david120 I just get started with Python, and I totally agree. Python makes you focus more on the problem itself instead of the implementation.

    The code seems to have an edge case a = 1 to handle. How about initialize val as
    val = '' if a > 1 else '1'

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