9-line recursive Java solution

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    public class Solution {
        ListNode first;
        public boolean isPalindrome(ListNode head) {
            first = head;
            return helper(head);
        public boolean helper(ListNode last) {
            if (last==null) return true;
            boolean pre = helper(last.next);
            boolean cur = first.val == last.val;
            first = first.next;
            return cur && pre;

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    so coooooooooool

    I had been looking and thing for the recursive solution so long times. Eventurally, I got it today.

    It give me two reminders: 1. keep the first as a globe variable, and write " first = first.next" statement in the recursive method.

    1. need keep the previous result as well, but not just the current result. otherwise it will lost previous value. so "return cur && pre". In other words, it will return false as long as one of the result is false

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