C language - cannot be solved

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    Currently It's not possible to use C language to solve this task.
    I have error:
    "Variable column size in 2d array is not supported. Column size expected to be constant size (3) but got size (2)."
    Admins, Please fix.

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    This is just fixed. Please reload the default code definition and try again.

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    Could you please take a look why my code in JAVA doesn't work either, I saw couple identical solution in discussions, and have no clue why it fails with the message
    Line 8: error: incompatible types: List<List<Integer>> cannot be converted to int[][]

    public class Solution {
        public int maxDistance(int[][] arrays) {
            int result = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
            int max = arrays[0][arrays[0].length - 1];
            int min = arrays[0][0];
            for (int i = 1; i < arrays.length; i++) {
                result = Math.max(result, Math.abs(arrays[i][0] - max));
                result = Math.max(result, Math.abs(arrays[i][arrays[i].length - 1] - min));
                max = Math.max(max, arrays[i][arrays[i].length - 1]);
                min = Math.min(min, arrays[i][0]);
            return result;

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    @Alafreulein The method interface had been changed to List<List<Integer>>. Please either reload the default code definition or change it in the function method signature.

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    int maxDistance(int **array,int rows,int *clos)
    int i,j,dist,max=0,min1,max1;

    	    int max1=array[j][0];int min1=array[i][0];
    	for(int k=0;k<*(clos+j);k++)
    	for(int k=0;k<*(clos+i);k++)
    		max=dist;	}
    return max;

    my c code thats a right code ? could u see it? its right but time limit is over while running this code for larger numbers of array!

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