Java Solution, PriorityQueue and HashMap

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    1. Greedy - It's obvious that we should always process the task which has largest amount left.
    2. Put tasks (only their counts are enough, we don't care they are 'A' or 'B') in a PriorityQueue in descending order.
    3. Start to process tasks from front of the queue. If amount left > 0, put it into a coolDown HashMap
    4. If there's task which cool-down expired, put it into the queue and wait to be processed.
    5. Repeat step 3, 4 till there is no task left.
    public class Solution {
        public int leastInterval(char[] tasks, int n) {
            if (n == 0) return tasks.length;
            Map<Character, Integer> taskToCount = new HashMap<>();
            for (char c : tasks) {
                taskToCount.put(c, taskToCount.getOrDefault(c, 0) + 1);
            Queue<Integer> queue = new PriorityQueue<>((i1, i2) -> i2 - i1);
            for (char c : taskToCount.keySet()) queue.offer(taskToCount.get(c));
            Map<Integer, Integer> coolDown = new HashMap<>();
            int currTime = 0;
            while (!queue.isEmpty() || !coolDown.isEmpty()) {
                if (coolDown.containsKey(currTime - n - 1)) {
                    queue.offer(coolDown.remove(currTime - n - 1));
                if (!queue.isEmpty()) {
                    int left = queue.poll() - 1;
            	if (left != 0) coolDown.put(currTime, left);
            return currTime;

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    @shawngao said in Java Solution, PriorityQueue and HashMap:

    Queue<Integer> queue = new PriorityQueue<>((i1, i2) -> i2 - i1);

    Get a little bit confused with the Integer queue. How do we identify the task with an Integer? Shouldn't we declare a Character queue instead?

    I have a solution following the similar idea but with a Character queue.

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    Nice solution, one simple suggestion is to use
    Comparator.reverseOrder() instead of (i1,i2) -> i2-i1

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    @RunRunCode Not needed, since we care only about the frequency and the character is not used.
    We're just reducing the frequency in each iteration.

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    Very concise and clear!

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    What if we're asked to print out all possible schedule of the tasks? Anyone has some ideas?

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