Straightforward AC Java DFS Solution with Explanation

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    public class Solution {
        public TreeNode addOneRow(TreeNode root, int v, int d) {
            return helper(root,d,1,v,true);
        //t is current node,d is target depth, c is current depth l means whether its on left or right
        public TreeNode helper(TreeNode t,int d,int c,int v,boolean l){
            if(d!=c&&t==null) return null; //if current depth is not the target depth and current node is null, then return
            TreeNode node = new TreeNode(v);
                    // if currrent node is on the left, make it left subtree of inserted node 
                    node.left = t;
                    //if current node is on right, make current node right subtree of inserted node
                    node.right = t;
                return node;
            // if current depth does not reach the target depth , continue to do dfs
            t.left = helper(t.left,d,c+1,v,true);
            t.right = helper(t.right,d,c+1,v,false);
            return t;

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