Python weird but not too bad DFS

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    I have read the DP, BFS, and Math solutions, but I went through the discussion and didn't see DFS as the mainstream solution, so just sharing for your interest.


    def numSquares(self, n):
        self.r = sys.maxint
        self.n = n
        return self.recursion(n, int(n ** 0.5), 0)
    def recursion(self, n, s, prev_num):
        if n == 0:
            return 0
        res = sys.maxint
        for i in range(s, 0, -1):
            i_square = i ** 2
            num, rest = n / i_square, n % i_square
            if num + prev_num > self.r:
            res = min(res, num + self.recursion(rest, int(rest ** 0.5), prev_num + num))
            if n == self.n:
                self.r = min(self.r, res)
        return res

    My idea is simple:
    For n, i start with sqrt(n), and do a DFS on n % (i ** 2).
    At the beginning, I got TLE without (Of course)


    if num + cur_num > self.r:

    Then I just added the restriction, if DFS goes more steps than the current minimum result, stop.

    I know the math solution's performance beats this dummy's ass off, but I am just sharing it for your reference.
    It is not too bad though, beating 70%, around 400 ms for Python.

    And there are lots of room to make improvement, like the for loop doesn't necessarily need to go to 0, etc.

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