Java clean code with stack mindset

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    We can use a ListNode to simulate the top of a "stack" which only stored ordered unique elements.

    Have a cur pointer to scan this linked list and add cur to that stack if it's empty or the value of top is different from cur's.

    If cur.value == top.value, we need to iterate the list until a different element shows. At that point, we will "pop" the top, as it's a duplicate.

    public ListNode deleteDuplicates(ListNode head) {
            if (head == null || == null) {
                return head;
            ListNode dummy = new ListNode(Integer.MAX_VALUE);
            ListNode top = dummy;
            ListNode last = top;
            ListNode cur = head;
            while (cur != null) {
                if (top == dummy || top.val != cur.val) {
           = cur;
                    last = top;
                    top =;
                    cur =;
                } else {
                    while (cur != null && top.val == cur.val) {
                        cur =;
                    top = last;
           = null;

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