Swift O(n) solution (One pass) - 28ms

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    This solution is pretty short and easy to read.
    Worst case scenario is O(n) I believe, which is one full iteration through the array.

    class Solution {
        var numDict = [Int : Int]()
        func twoSum(_ nums: [Int], _ target: Int) -> [Int] {
            for (index, firstNum) in nums.enumerated() {
                let secondNum = target - firstNum
                if numDict[secondNum] != nil {
                    return [numDict[secondNum]!, index]
                } else {
                    numDict[firstNum] = index
            return [-1]   // Return a clearly incorrect value if we don't find a match. Alternatively, you can make the function throw an error here.

    Edit: Moving the numDict var to the class instead of inside of the function seems to improve the runtime by 50% (Though I don't see why this would be the case here.)

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