C++ O(n) space iterative solution, no new tree!

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        TreeNode* mergeTrees(TreeNode* t1, TreeNode* t2) {
            if(t2==NULL) return t1;
            if(t1==NULL) return t2;
            TreeNode* res=t1;
            stack<TreeNode*> s1, s2;
            s1.push(t1), s2.push(t2);
            while(!s1.empty()) {
                TreeNode* c1=s1.top();
                TreeNode* c2=s2.top();
                s1.pop(), s2.pop();
                if(c1->right==NULL&&c2->right!=NULL) c1->right=c2->right;
                else if(c1->right!=NULL&&c2->right!=NULL) s1.push(c1->right), s2.push(c2->right);
                if(c1->left==NULL&&c2->left!=NULL) c1->left=c2->left;
                else if(c1->left!=NULL&&c2->left!=NULL) s1.push(c1->left), s2.push(c2->left);
            return res;

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    That's not O(1).

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    Can we implement with queues ?

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    @codersanjay tested. you could.

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