Hierarchy and Duplicate TinyURLs

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    1. Should you allow the user to create a TinyURL of an existing TinyURL?
      Example: https://leetcode.com/problems/design-tinyurl is shortened to http://tinyurl.com/4e9iAk.
      What should be done to shorten http://tinyurl.com/4e9iAk to say, for example, http://tinyurl.com/4f0jBl?

    2. Should you allow the user to force shortening of a long URL to multiple tiny URLs?

    What could be the advantages/disadvantages?

    Some of the points I feel-
    Advantages: User can get a sense of encrypting/customizing a commonly available TinyURL.

    Disadvantages: There can be a loop between the redirection of URL, similar to a loop in LinkedList. This might cause the system to hang forever.
    Increased time and space complexity.

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    Why is there a loop? can you explain your design that can cause a loop?

    browsers usually have a redirect limit. If the tinyURL service responds with HTTP 301 + shortURL, browser will redirect up to its limit, then throw 310 ERROR. also too many redirects will increase latency. IMO shortening tinyURL loses its original purpose, so shouldn't be allowed.

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