how are you feeling, python programmers?

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    I get no fun in today's contest, actually I'm feeling very bad.

    in Q1 & Q2, I think my code is mocking me there, I spent some time to figure out what's happening but after a while I realize that they even didn't test with standard answers, I feel no respect at all. I rewrite Q2 with c++ then it gets passed.

    in Q3, I use a O(NNlogN) in python in submission 3 but get TLE, then I rewrite in c++ and get AC, I'm wondering what are we competing for? this is not critical as Q1 and Q2, because we can say that python coding speed and lines are much faster and shorter than c++, but I still think it is unfair, because it requires python programmers to find a much better solution, while c++ programmers sometimes can even use brute force solution.

    cancel time penalty is not enough because I not only spend time to reexamine my code but also spend time rewrite in other language, I notice that some competitor eve give up one or two of these two easy problems, their solutions might have some bugs which need to be improved, in such case, rerun their code in the final is still unfair to them.

    I get much much worse rank in past contests, but I accept that because it is my fault. This time the final result is actually a bit good for me, but I'm feeling very sad because I feel no respect. I'd rather see a big red title in the contest homepage, denoting "Python programmers are not welcomed, so fuck off", then I can use other languages from the beginning.

    I demand to cancel my registration of this contest.

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    I mainly use Python and JavaScript for doing LeetCode questions and got quite frustrated after the first question when I got a wrong answer for JavaScript, saw that the "correct" answer was obviously wrong, rewrote the answer in Python, and got wrong again!

    I figured it could be a bug with their validator, and decided to move on to question 2 in the meanwhile. Similar outcome for question 2 when my answer was wrong because "L" != 'L'.

    It's a pretty depressing experience but at the end of the day, the question setters are humans and humans make mistakes. They'll probably be more careful and mindful about non-C++/Java submissions in future.

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    I think it is not just a mistake, they just don't care, they simply didn't test it at all for python answers, it is a formal contest, not draft problems.

    For Q2, even for the simplest case will fail in the contest. And for Q3, it still has no suitable python solution yet with current 243 test cases, even with O(N^2) complexity sometimes still get TLE, while C++ runs 600 ms by O(N^2logN)

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