The real correct code or .. Bugs?

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    public class Solution {
        public int trailingZeroes(int n) {
            int i = 5; int r = 0;
            while(n/i > 0){
                r += n/i; 
                if (Integer.MAX_VALUE / i > 0) i *= 5;
                else return r;
            return r;

    my code didn't pass the test case of 1808548329,
    (my output: 452137080, 'expected output': 452137076)
    but I am still thinking my code is what is correct.
    I know some code is slightly different from mine and is accepted, as below:

    public int trailingZeroes(int n) {
            int r = 0;
            while (n > 0) {
                n /= 5;
                r += n;
            return r;

    but every time you use n /= 5, the 'real n' is no longer what it was, there's some 'loss'!
    My solution doesn't change the value of n at all... and the basic philosophy is the same..
    anyway, if you disagree, could you let me know where my code is wrong?? thanks!!!

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