klogk Java solution

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    It is similar to the question where you could merge from multiple sorted arrays using a min heap. Here is the sample code:

        public int kthSmallest(int[][] matrix, int k) {
         if(matrix==null || matrix.length==0 || k>matrix.length*matrix[0].length) {
             return 0;
         //Read row-by-row till we get to kth smallest.
         PriorityQueue<Wrapper> queue = new PriorityQueue<>();
         for(int i=0;i<matrix[0].length;i++) {
             queue.add(new Wrapper(0,i,matrix[0][i]));
         int count=0;
         while(count<k) {
             Wrapper obj = queue.poll();    
             if(count==k) {
                 return obj.val;
             if(obj.i<matrix.length-1) {
                queue.add(new Wrapper(obj.i+1,obj.j,matrix[obj.i+1][obj.j]));
         return matrix[0][0];
        private class Wrapper implements Comparable<Wrapper>{
            int i;
            int j;
            int val;
            Wrapper(int i,int j, int val) {
                this.i = i;
                this.j = j;
                this.val = val;
            public int compareTo(Wrapper o) {
                return this.val-o.val;

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