My java DP solution O(nm) with space O(n)

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    DP from bottom to top and right to left.

    public class Solution {
        public int calculateMinimumHP(int[][] dungeon) {
        	int w = dungeon[0].length;
        	int[] dp = new int[w + 1];
        	for(int x = 0; x<dp.length; x++)
        		if(x != w-1)
        			dp[x] = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        	for(int y=dungeon.length-1; y>=0; y--)
        		for(int x=w-1; x>=0; x--)
        			dp[x] = Math.max(0, Math.min(dp[x+1], dp[x]) - dungeon[y][x]);
            return dp[0] + 1;

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    Excellent dp solution with sliding array! thanks!

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