Simple 1 pass Java Solution with only 1 stack with explanation

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    We don't have to use more than one stack. the concept is simple : If you see a closing bracket, repeat the string it contains inside given number of time and then push it back. [Recursion call, turned into iteration].

    public String decodeString(String s) {
            Stack<Character> stack = new Stack<>();
            for(char c : s.toCharArray())
                if(c != ']') 
                    stack.push(c); //push everything but ]
                    //step 1: 
                        //if you find a closing ] then 
                       //retrieve the string it encapsulates
                    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
                    while(!stack.isEmpty() && Character.isLetter(stack.peek()))
                        sb.insert(0, stack.pop());
                    String sub = sb.toString(); //this is the string contained in [ ]
                    stack.pop(); //Discard the '[';
                    //step 2: 
                        //after that get the number of
                      // times it should repeat from stack
                    sb = new StringBuilder();
                    while(!stack.isEmpty() && Character.isDigit(stack.peek()))
                        sb.insert(0, stack.pop());
                    int count = Integer.valueOf(sb.toString()); //this is the number
                    //step 3: 
                        //repeat the string within the [ ] count 
                      //number of times and push it back into stack
                    while(count > 0)
                        for(char ch : sub.toCharArray())  
          //final fetching and returning the value in stack 
            StringBuilder retv = new StringBuilder();
                retv.insert(0, stack.pop());
            return retv.toString();

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