Simplest and self-explanation Double Iterator answer, able to be applied to any similar problem.

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    For all these iterator problem, the key point is to implement your fancy part in hasNext() function, and leave next() free. Call hasNext() first whenever you want to use next(), which guarantees a safe code.

    public class Vector2D implements Iterator<Integer> {
        private Iterator<List<Integer>> listIter;
        private Iterator<Integer> iter;
        public Vector2D(List<List<Integer>> vec2d) {
            iter = null;
            listIter = vec2d.iterator();
        public Integer next() {
            if (hasNext()){
            return null;
        public boolean hasNext() {
            if (iter != null && iter.hasNext()){
                return true;
            if (listIter == null || !listIter.hasNext()){
                return false;
            iter =;
            return hasNext();

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